Eight affordable DIY home improvement ideas


Do you want to make your home in Jacksonville more beautiful and lively? Well, let’s consider some affordable home improvement ideas that will make your home just awesome.

1. Paint your walls
We cannot explain the power of paint in words. If you apply a coat of paint to the washed-out walls and the rustic trim, you will see the magic. You can even do the painting yourself, just pick up a paint bucket and start painting. Instead of using the same paint on all the walls, you can also experiment with different shades.

2. Power clean your home’s exterior

A much cheaper solution to painting the exterior of your home is to hire a power washing company like ours in Jacksonville to pressure clean of your home. Using mild detergent and low pressure settings, go over your home’s exterior in order to remove dirt and grime. While you’re at it, power wash your driveway as well, or hire us to do the job professionally. The costs are minimal compared to the improvement in your home’s appearance.

3. Decorate one wall with wallpaper

Putting a wallpaper on one wall of a room is a great idea for a quick makeover. Don’t experiment with wallpapering over the entire room. It will turn out to be a disaster unless you know what you’re doing. Choose affordable material and aim for simplicity to give charm to the entire room by putting wallpaper on only one of the walls. It will suit the room better if the paint on the other three walls is plain. You can ask an interior designer’s help to get guidance for choosing the wallpaper. You should also check whether the wallpaper matches the other furnishings in your house.

 4. Increase the storage space in the kitchen

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen is small or large. Whichever it is, there should be enough space to store everything. You can utilize the corner spaces by installing shelves to keep the spice bottles, dishes, cookware, etc. Keep separate shelves for the items that are frequently used versus items that are not often used.

5. Polish your floors

Nothing can beat the elegance and beauty of a wooden floor. However, because of the regular exposure to dust, dirt and foot traffic, it will become dull. You can make it as beautiful as the day it was installed by applying polish made for hardwood floors. Simply polish your floor once in a year.

6. Make the front of your home more attractive

If the front portion of your home is uninspiring, there is no reason to modify the whole building. You can transform the front entry with some minor changes.

First, apply a fresh coat of nice paint.

Next, you consider the front door. It is the primary feature of the front of your home. If it is a wooden door, you can polish it to give it a new look. If the door is painted, give it a strong color like red or black.

Change out the old mailbox, house number, light fixtures, etc. You can do all this yourself or together with your family members.

Next, consider the walkway towards your house. If it is a plain concrete walk, consider adding bricks or pavement tiles. A beautiful lawn on both sides will always give your home an impressive look.

7. Organize your closet

A well-organized closet will give enough storage space, and it will simplify the cleaning process. You can do inexpensive wire shelving systems which are easy to install and will not collect dust particles like solid shelves. Give space for shoe racks, belt and tie racks, etc. and try to use each corner and leftover space efficiently.

8. Bathroom makeover

Nowadays, people are giving much importance to the aesthetics of bathrooms. Old bathroom accessories and faded paint will make a dull impression. Consider replacing the towel bars, soap stand, faucets, etc. and apply a new coat of light grey paint. It will give your bathroom a fresh and clean look. You don’t need to seek external help for modifying your bathroom. If you have a screwdriver and paint brush, you can do it yourself. You can also consider replacing the floor tiles if they are too outdated.