Four ways pressure washing can improve your home's value


Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to have the nicest house on the street, it’s important to consider every way to get your house looking its best. One thing that a lot of people overlook is pressure cleaning their home’s exterior. Hiring a local pressure cleaning company is easy to do, and can really raise your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Here are four ways that our service can add value to your home: 

1 – Power wash your sidewalk

Nothing screams “fixer upper” like a dingy sidewalk leading up to your house. Just like the red carpet at star-studded events, your sidewalk invites guests to come up to your porch. When weeds or green scum have started to grow, your sidewalk looks dirty and unwelcoming. We will get it looking as good as new, which will make a great first impression.

2 – Wash your siding

We see it all the time – the homeowner who decides to rent a power washer and by using the wrong technique, chemicals, and pressure, they destroy their home’s siding. We have invested in professional-grade equipment to handle this task without damaging a client’s home. With our process, we can remove all of the dirt, green scum, and stains off of your house in a gentle fashion. This accumulated grime is really prevalent in Jacksonville thanks to our weather patterns and lush greenery. You may not even remember the original color of your siding, but it will look amazing when we are done.

3 – Protect your roof

Everyone looks at the roof when thinking about buying a home. It would be silly not to, as it protects the inside of the house and its contents and can cost a lot to replace. It’s not a good idea to have things growing on your roof, no matter how small they are. There will probably be mold on the shaded areas of your roof, stains from decaying leaves, and sap deposits if you have a pine tree beside your home. If you are preparing to put your home up for sale, no matter how much they love your house, prospective buyers will not love a dirty roof.

4 – Shine up your fence

In general, fences can add a decent chunk of value to your home, but only if they’re in good condition. A faded and gray wood fence will reflect badly on your home as a whole and make it look dingy as well. We can make the fence look new again without even lifting a paintbrush. A good bath in our specially formulated components followed by a thorough pressure wash will make it stand out and your home will look even more inviting.

Don’t just stop at these four areas if you decide to pressure wash your house. Make sure that you tackle the driveway as well to get rid of the dirt and grass that can collect on it. We also clean upstairs windows to get them looking their best.

Interested in improving your home’s appearance and value? Get in touch for a free estimate.