1. How often should I pressure wash?

This depends on several things such as the amount of shade you have, how much rainfall we get, the humidity levels and so on. Mostly it is a matter of personal perception. What you consider dirty, mildewed or in need of cleaning someone else may not think so. I personally wash my own house at least once a year.

2. Will pressure washing damage my house?

No. When washing houses or any surface only the minimum amount of pressure is used. An experienced tech will have a broad knowledge of the right chemicals and detergents to use in conjunction with pressure washing.

3. Do I need to be home?                                                                

No but any gates to the back yard should be accessible and dogs should be tied or inside the home. Also all windows must be closed.

4. Will the chemicals harm my grass or plants?

No, the solution used for most house washes are very mild.

5. Will pressure washing remove rust stains caused by irrigation?

It will lighten them but there is a separate process used to remove them. When your goal is to remove rust stains please let me know first. It takes specific chemicals and there is an additional charge.

6. What is chemical roof cleaning?

Chemical roof cleaning is a very LOW Pressure process that cleans the ugly dark spots of your roof to bring it back to its original color. It will not damage your roof, in fact it will make your roof last longer by killing the mildew that constantly attacks it.

7. Who does the work?

All work is done personally by me (Shaun) the owner –a licensed and insured business owner here in Jacksonville, Florida.

8. Why should I use a professional pressure washing service?

We have much better equipment than a rental machine or a home owner’s machine. We also know how to clean without causing damage to your property, which is the biggest mistake most DIY-ers make. As well, we can do a much faster, neater, and uniform job. The price to rent a machine is about $80, our minimum charge is only $85.

9.  Can you get rid of mildew?

Yes, absolutely.

10. Does your pressure washing technique clean stucco, brick, and coquina?

Yes, we have years of experience cleaning these difference surfaces.

11. Are you able to clean my vinyl siding?

Yes we can.

12. Do you recommend regular maintenence?

Cleaning the exterior of your Jacksonville home or your pool deck or driveway should be an ongoing maintenance. We send reminders by mail every year after your first cleaning, to let you know it’s about time for a maintenance cleaning.   By keeping your home mildew free, you will be preserving your homes paint, making it last longer and look brighter. By keeping your pool deck pressure washed it will require less frequent painting or staining. And having the driveway pressure washed will insure that you or a loved one won’t slip on that ugly dark mildew stain.

We offer a free driveway cleaning (up to 4 car spaces) when you get your house washed if you mention the phrase ‘summer special’. That alone is an $85 value most customers really appreciate.

  • Houses in Florida should be washed once a year for several reasons.
    • Everything here mildews
    • It helps your paint last longer, and look better
    • Curb appeal
  • Roof cleaning should be done once every 2-4 years.
  • When we wash your house, your driveway is free if you mention ‘summer special’. (Up to 4 car capacity)
  • Our quality pressure washing services ensure that your home exterior is cleaned thoroughly, year after year—protecting and enhancing your home’s appearance
  • Learn more info about our commercial power washing services.